VA Home Loan Inspection Checklist

VA Home Loan Inspection Checklist

Have you been pre-approved for a VA mortgage, but are wondering how you are going to ensure that the home you purchase will meet VA guidelines? Here is a list of items that the VA will look for to ensure that the property meets lending guidelines for the VA Home Loan.

  • Mechanical systems must be safe and have reasonable future utility
  • Heating must be adequate
  • Roofing must be adequate
  • Crawl spaces and basements must be dry
  • The property must be free of termites, dry rot, and fungus growth
  • Lead-based paint must be remediated

Some of these items will be easy to spot at your initial showing at the property. Both your Home Inspector and VA Appraiser will also assess the condition of the property and outline any concerns in their respective reports. Don’t stress, the majority of home conditions do fall within VA lending guidelines.  For more tips and tricks on understanding your VA Home Loan Inspection join Savvy Veteran Homebuyer.

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