How to Avoid Buying a Money Pit with Your VA Home Loan

Just because the VA Home Loan has strict lending guidelines regarding the condition of the property that you are buying, doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to purchase a money pit. Before we give you a  list of questions you should consider about the condition of the property that you are purchasing, don’t forget to join us in our free home buying education program for Veterans, Savvy Veteran Homebuyer.

Here we go!

  • Are there signs of water damage?
  • How old is the roof and how soon will it need to be replaced?
  • Are gutters and drains draining properly? 
  • Are the home’s exterior in good condition and free of cracks or holes?
  • Do doors open and close easily without sticking?
  • Are there any exterior cracks that could indicate foundational issues?
  • Are the windows single pane or double pane?
  • How old is the water heater and will it need to be replaced/upgraded?
  • Does the electrical panel have enough power to support the home?
  • How old is the air conditioning and when will it need to be replaced?
  • What type of pipes are used for the plumbing?
  • Are there any signs of mold?


The majority of these questions should be answered by the home inspector that you hire to inspect the property, but often these reports only focus on what is working right now versus what could create problems (and costs!) in the future. Being a proactive buyer and asking about these additional items if they are not covered in the report could save you THOUSANDS in repairs down the road. For more tips and tricks to protect yourself when purchasing a home with your VA Home Loan join our free education program for military, Savvy Veteran Homebuyer.