Military Money: 4 Websites That Will Boost Your Credit

Military Money: 4 Websites That Will Boost Your Credit

Whether you are looking to boost your credit score to buy a house or a car, there seems to be no shortage of companies and programs out there willing to charge military families to repair their credit.Ā 

First, did you know that the VA Home Loan has no minimum credit score requirements? Right! Find out more here Savvy Veteran Homebuyer.Ā 

Hiring professionals to dispute your credit can certainly help, but we suggest looking into these 5 websites to boost your credit first!

Level Credit –Get the credit you deserveĀ® by reporting your rent & utility payments.

LoqBox – Decide how much you can save into your LOQBOX each month for a year. The program then finances the full amount with a 0% APR loan. The ā€œsavingsā€ payments count as a positive payment to establish better credit.Ā

Experian Boost – Get credit for bills like your phone, utilities, and popular streaming servicesā€”free, with Experian Boost. Typically these payments go unreported to credit agencies, Experian allows you to tap into these positive payments retroactively and reap the benefits on your credit score.

Credit Karma is a monitoring service that can help you ensure that the work you are doing on your credit is being reflected in your score. Check your scores anytime, anywhere, and never pay for it.

So if you are looking to boost your credit open your browser and try these free options before you open your wallet.

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