Renting With Pets

RENTING WITH PETS. It’s the bane of every military families existence. Want to increase your chances of getting your rental application accepted? Consider writing a pet resume! For more support and the first shot at pet friendly rentals join your local PCS Pay-it-Forward Support group for your base! List of all bases HERE. Watch, Learn, […]

2 Big Changes to Know About VA Home Loans

The VA home loans program is by far one of the most beneficial programs for vets, allowing honorably discharged veterans to buy a house without a down payment. That’s right, civilians: without a down payment! But it’s about to get even better. The Blue Water Navy Veterans Act of 2019 became law, expanding VA disability […]

6 of the Most Important VA Loan Tips for VA Homebuyers 

Tip 1: Start Now You don’t need to have your VA Certificate of Eligibility to start the VA loan process. You can start contacting VA approved lenders to start the prequalification and preapproval process right now because it doesn’t make sense to start looking for homes before you’ve got a clear sense of what you […]

PCSing with Pets: A Guide to Moving with Your Furbabies

PCSing isn’t a fun task to begin with, but when you add kids, pets, or both to the mix, things can get even more complicated. But good luck with your human children, because today we’re going to focus on our furry friends and making the transition from old place to new as safe and smooth […]

What is a PCS Binder Anyways?

You have heard the term PCS Binder and you think it might be something you need as you prepare for your upcoming PCS, but you still don’t know what it is. This post will tell you everything you need to know about a PCS Binder. What is a PCS Binder? There are two schools of […]

5 Things To Make Unpacking Easier

If you don’t know this unpacking might be a nightmare Sometimes when you move you are focused on getting all your stuff packed and moving to your new location. But unfortunately packing up your house is only half of the process. Once you arrive at your new home and your boxes of stuff are delivered. […]

6 Life Changing Moving Tips

Moving is hard. The emotional toll of saying goodbye to family and friends is hard enough that you don’t have to add the stress of actually moving to realize that picking up your life and starting over isn’t easy. After moving multiple times, I have found there is a science to the moving process. The […]

You Got Orders, Now What?

Receiving Military relocation orders can be incredibly stressful. There is a seemingly endless list of tasks that can make even the seasoned PCSer’s head spin. That’s why PCS Pay-it-Forward® has put together these 4 simple steps to a stress-free PCS. Step 1: Preliminary  Information Gathering on Your New Duty Station  While Google is a wonderful […]