PCS Pay-it-Forward Named A Top Helpful Military Facebook Group

PCS Pay-it-Forward was just named one of the The Top Helpful Military Facebook Groups by Military.com!

Here is what they said,

“PCS season is a constant shuffle of families selling, renting and buying houses. It can seem really overwhelming if it’s your first time. If you have been in a spouse group for any amount of time, you see the immediate pounce of realtors as soon as someone indicates they may be living off the installation. To make the best decisions, and really focus on your next home, look at joining a PCS Pay-it-Forward group like this one at Fort Hood, Texas. The goal in this group is for everyone to share information in one spot so incoming families can see what’s available.”

Congratulations to our Fort Hood Community for receiving honorable mention in the article. Don’t forget we have support groups at over 95 military bases nationwide! Find your base support group HERE. These groups are designed to be a one stop shop for information gathering and housing solutions regarding your new base. The groups provide weekly lists of verified rentals near base and in an effort to pay it forward local group members post pictures of rentals they see around town to help incoming families.

We are so grateful for our 50,000 Pay-it-Forward members that show up every single day! Together we can make the PCS process just a little bit easier for everyone.

Read the full  Military.com Article HERE.