We Are on a Mission to Bring You Home

PCS Pay-it-Forward® is a FREE program for military families committed to creating a smooth transition from one duty station to another by increasing access to resources and support.

Our mission is to eliminate the need for interim housing and reduce the number of families falling victim to sight unseen rental scams on their PCS Move.

Started in 2018, PCS Pay-It-Forward® has grown to serve over 100 military communities and provide support to over 100,000 military members nationwide.


We Connect the Military Community to


PCSing can be an isolating experience. PCS Pay-it-Forward® communities foster connection and inclusiveness to all incoming service members and families.


Each PCS Pay-it-Forward® community provides information regarding both on-base and off-base housing, as well as weekly lists of verified rentals and homes.


PCS Pay-it-Forward® ambassadors identify local rental scams that may target PCSing military families who are most likely to rent sight-unseen.


Each base is serviced by an Active Duty, Veteran, or Military Spouse, real estate agent that has undergone intensive training on the most effective ways to help a PCSing military families.


We believe better informed service members can make more confident decisions for their families, which is why our programs take an education first approach to serving.




Building solutions for our Military Community, by our Military Community








Get more information about base housing opportunities.




Each member can opt into their base’s verified rental lists by reaching out to their local PCS Pay-it-Forward® Ambassador.        


Our Ambassador educate and empower their local military families through our FREE Savvy Homebuyer Education Program.

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Our Ambassadors are the heart and soul of our organization and collectively support over 100 bases. Every ambassador is a hand-picked real estate agent who is either active-duty military, a military spouse, or a veteran. Our agents know a thing or two about PCSing, they’ve done it themselves, helped thousands of military families with their moves, and are ready to assist you, always for free and never with any pressure use us as your agents (but you might be glad if you did).

Join Our Referral Network of Over 10,000 Military Real Estate Professionals

Pay It Forward is an excellent resource for military families PCSing around the world! We moved from Germany recently and Pay It Forward was such a great tool to help us transition smoothly especially during COVID which complicated everything about PCSing! Highly recommend and have already shared with many friends that are moving this summer!

Gloria S.

Pay It Forward has been a lifesaver. It’s a community of active realtors and families who offer advice we’ve always been able to trust.

Lauren B.

Top-notch support and resource for Military families from other families who have been there!

Dawneen A.

Glad to learn of this important resource for military families. It’s hard to meet other moms/families that know the stressors associated with military life.

Kalene M.

Pay it forward helped me so much with getting ready for a PCS. They also made me want to "pay it forward" to others with the knowledge I've received and things. Thank you so much.

Nikki Rae R.

They helped us find our dream home, make a good offer, and navigate a purchase completely remotely during the worst of the pandemic lockdown (late March 2020 with a close June 1). We couldn't have done it without their amazing help!

Susan A.

Wonderful service even for those getting out of active duty and transitioning to civilian life. What a great help to us when trying to bridge that gap and get us connected in our new community. Great response time. Incredibly professional and caring.

Nicolette D.

Pay it forward has helped us several times over the years as we PCS’d around the country, their resources are irreplaceable, and the networking makes such a difference when looking for a bee home in a foreign-to-me- area! I always recommend them to all younger members and I’ve introduced Pay It Forward to several esteemed veterans who have PCS’d many times in their careers too and they all appreciate the services.

Desire' R.

Pay It Forward is an outstanding resource for PCSing military families. I wouldn’t have been able to purchase my first home without the help of this page.

Christa S.

Moving from Alaska to Kansas has been made easier using the resources given by the Fort Riley PCS Pay It Forward page. The communication is awesome and made me feel welcome coming to a new base.

Jennifer C. R.

We are close to retirement and wanted to find our forever home. The realtor we found through Pay it Forward helped us through the process of building and buying our forever home. The page also offers information and resources for our community and events. It has been so helpful to our family ❤

Hope Echelberry C.

Pay It Forward Fort Jackson page has helped with so many things! We found a great realtor, the area, houses, recommendations from people actually stationed there! I find myself going back there for many questions! We are still in the process of buying in this crazy market but this page has help relieve some stress!

Allysa B.

Pay It Forward gave me the resources during my PCS and after deployment move. I also recommended this to other fellow services member and their families!

Emily S.

I’ve been able to rely on this community for all my questions and ALWAYS receive a quick and reliable answer. The admin for our local Pay-it-Forward group is so active and kind. She was quick to reach out and let me know that she’s here to answer questions or to help in anyway.


I love that this is a larger organization that has smaller ambassadors representing local military installations. It’s proven to be a super helpful resource for our Buckley SFB community!

Sara R.

This group has been the backbone of helping me ease the stress that comes from a PCS!

Tiffany N.

Pay It Forward has helped me learn about different communities around the base I will be moving to. It’s so hard to know and trust which communities will be safe every time we move with the military. Pay It Forward has given me so much knowledge about house buying, the moving process, and peace in my decision-making.

Emily H.

Fantastic help, made a hard transition easier. Virtual tours of multiple homes, when we couldn't get here to visit made it a breeze to find and close on a home before we moved.

Jeniffer H.

They helped us find our dream home, make a good offer, and navigate a purchase completely remotely during the worst of the pandemic lockdown (late March 2020 with a close June 1). We couldn't have done it without their amazing help!

Susan A.

Our first home buying experience was during the pandemic in 2020. With travel restrictions, we relied 100% on our agent to ensure that everything was in order. She was amazing!!! Even with minor obstacles with the builder, we were 100% satisfied with our home and the buying process. Thank you Pay it Forward for connecting us with an awesome realtor!!

Vanessa M.