TSP or IRA: What’s Best for Your Retirement Plan?

One of the most important actions you can do for your financial health is to invest for your retirement. You may receive a military pension, but is that really how you want to live? Or would you prefer a little glamour in your heydays?   That’s what I thought. And that’s why it’s important to […]

Buy or Build? What is Right For Me?

To Build or To Buy?  That is the Question   The Dream Home. Everyone has a vision of it. Though they tend to differ greatly, most everyone has dreamed up the ideal place they’d like to live and the perfect home to go with it. For some, it’s a beach house in New England, for […]

Military Moving & Taxes: What You Should Know

It’s one of those questions that you gloss over if the answer is no, and one that may send you into a panic if the answer is yes, never really having comprehended why it’s being asked of you in the first place. We’re talking about your taxes and that little question that inquires: Did you […]

The Darkside of Military “Camaraderie”

The article that no one wants to write, but someone needs to say. Ah, the internet. It’s amazing how it can be such a wonderful place and also the worst place on earth at the same time. It’s a place where we can share information, send cute videos, spread important news, stay connected with friends and […]

Military Money Tips: 7 Ways To Repair Your Credit For Free

7 Steps to Improve Your Credit Scores   Do you know your credit score? If not, there are plenty of easy ways to check your credit scores online. Not only will you get the numbers, you’ll also receive information about which factors are affecting your scores the most. Of course, not all credit factors are […]

Best PCS Announcements

Military families are used to being on the move. Unfortunately, due to our military lifestyle we are constantly having to update our mailing addresses and announce our pending move to our friends and family. Sometimes it feels like once we FINALLY get settled in at our new base it is time to pack our lives […]

PCS Pay-it-Forward Named A Top Helpful Military Facebook Group

PCS Pay-it-Forward was just named one of the The Top Helpful Military Facebook Groups by Military.com! Here is what they said, “PCS season is a constant shuffle of families selling, renting and buying houses. It can seem really overwhelming if it’s your first time. If you have been in a spouse group for any amount […]

How To Build The Perfect PCS Binder

You have heard the term PCS Binder and you think it might be something you need as you prepare for your upcoming PCS, but you still don’t know what it is. This post will tell you everything you need to know about a PCS Binder and how to build the perfect binder for your move! […]

3 Major Trends in Homebuying

#1. Home Prices Continue to Rise In the last two years, housing prices have continued to rise slowly. Last year was slightly less strong than in 2018, as growing home values rose at 3.3% compared to 2018’s 5%, and real estate gurus predict that home prices will only rise by 2.8% in 2020. But still, […]

PCSing To Hawaii: Buying A Home on Island in 2020

If you’re a military family considering purchasing a home on Oahu it is very important to understand the new changes to the VA Home Loan. Curious how these homes impact your purchasing power? Check it out! Have questions? Ask local military families in our local support group HERE. Don’t forget to to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for […]